Monday, 1 April 2013

Springer search 2013

My search for the elusive but highly prized spring salmon started early this year with a trip with my dad to Dalmarnock beat on the Tay. We were met with freezing conditions and snow but the river was in fine condition and it's always brilliant to get the season under way.

After fishing down a few of the super pools on this beat, I took this wee fish on a gold bodied willie gunn tube. Fished on a fast sink tip. This was not a fresh fish but a baggot. It was however a very welcome pull on an ice cold day and after a quick pic it was returned to the river.
Below is a wee snap to show the conditions we were fishing in. Another beautiful day on a great Tay beat.

Last week, March 22nd and I was lucky enough to be visiting Lower Kinnaird on the Tay. This was a first visit for me to this beat. Firstly. I had booked through fishpal for the Tuesday but I started the short trip from Killin with my car stuck in the snow. A phone call to the absolute gentleman of a ghillie, Martin Edgar, led to the very kind offer from Kinnaird estate of a re arranged day for the Friday.

Friday found me facing a biting cold wind, hailstones and again freezing conditions but it felt great to be on the water again. Here are a few snaps of this absolutely stunning beat. Loads of superb fly water as well as the junction pool of the Tummel.
 Tactics for the day were fast sink tips, tubes and then some spinning in the afternoon.
 This really is some of the best fly water I have had the privilege to fish.
 One of the other rods fishing on the Friday was into a fish with his last cast as I was making my way back to the hut.
 Martin Edgar the ghillie was on hand to assist with the net.
 A very welcome wee springer for John just before it was released to continue on it's journey.
So, for me the springer search continues but I feel I'm getting closer. My next trip is to the Tummel on 25th May which may well be my last realistic chance at one of these beautiful fish this year before thoughts turn to grilse and brownies.

I would also like to say that I have I have fished a few places with ghillies now, but the two who look after these two brilliant Tay beats are a cut above. They go above and beyond to ensure you enjoy your day and their knowledge of the beats is exceptional.
Gordon Pollock  who looks after Dalmarnock has a blog which can be found here...
Martin Edgar has a blog which can be found here... 
A very special thanks again goes to Martin for his kindness in ensuring I never lost my days fishing. He has a new regular! 

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  2. Paul it's peter dermots boy he says you've to get in touch about organising a catch up trip mate